Grace Christian Academy’s philosophy of Christian education is based upon the Word of
God. The primary objective and purpose of the school is to train the students in the way of
life presented in the Scriptures in the process of providing a high quality general
education. It is a spiritual ministry so evangelistic efforts are made to bring all students to
a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and the teaching of spiritual truths has a firm
foundation. This is instruction in right thinking, good conduct, and clean living in the light
of the principles of God’s Word. We seek to engage the mind in its search for truth;
develop Godly character formed by Biblical principles; and, to nurture a love for God and

The academic program places strong emphasis on the mastery of the fundamental blocks
necessary for satisfactory achievement in all areas. Proven teaching methods are utilized
with a constant search for improvement. Realizing the differences in innate abilities, we
encourage and expect each student to perform to his/her maximum potential.

Character training is another emphasis with obedience at the heart. It eventually
cultivates an inner self-discipline, which is essential to the emotional, physical, social, and
spiritual well-being of the students. The authority in the classroom is the teacher who
administers discipline fairly but firmly. To obey, to do right, to love God and country, and to
always measure one’s attitude against the principles in the Scriptures, are the
characteristics we strive to instill in our students; thus, equipping them for the role of God’s
plan in their lives.

We believe that all life should have as its focal point the person of Jesus Christ and that
every endeavor of mankind should be for the glory of God (I Corinthians 10:31), to this
Grace Christian Academy exists.

In the intellectual phase, students are developing and maintaining a desire for
knowledge as designed and intended by the Creator.

In the physical realm, students are taught to respect the body as the temple of the
Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 3:16) through sports competitions, recreation programs, and

Socially and culturally, students are taught that all people are called God’s creation
and are to be loved and accepted without regard to outward differences. Many
opportunities are given to enable students to understand and appreciate cultural
patterns different from their own.

In the spiritual area, students are encouraged to know their Creator and Heavenly
Father by becoming followers of Jesus Christ in faith and life style.