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The Elementary School program carefully considers all aspects of a child’s development: emotional, social, physical, and cognitive.  We believe that children can best acquire a rich body of knowledge and the skills needed for future learning through a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and that builds upon itself year by year.  It is our hope that our curriculum is an expression of Grace Christian Academy’s mission, which is to part with the home to produce vibrant confident, and loving students who excel in their academic pursuits in commitment to Jesus Christ.

The first year at Grace Christian Academy is a crucial one in building self-confidence, independence and responsibility. Forming friendships, dealing with a variety of social situations, and discovering the joy and excitement of learning in a challenging but nurturing environment, are primary goals. Although a large body of measurable skills is acquired in Kindergarten, it is important to note that less tangible achievements are of equal value. Children grow in their commitment to tasks, learn to work independently, and learn to respect and appreciate the ideas of others. Not incidentally, they learn to navigate their way through the school with assurance.

Elementary students in Chapel with  Mrs. Galilee Neal and Ms. Sheryl

Students doing their homework after school.

During Art class.